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How Can LEO Mediations Help You?

LEO Mediations is a professional dispute resolution organization dedicated to providing the highest caliber of professional mediation services.  You are here because you have a dispute, and for whatever reason, you cannot get your dispute resolved.  We at LEO Mediations are here to provide you with neutral, professionally skilled conflict resolution no matter how large or small your dispute. 



Casimir (Cass) Maliszewski, the owner/principal of LEO Mediations, is adept at helping all parties reach a mutually acceptable solution and making the best decisions for themselves.  As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Appellate, Circuit and County Court Mediator, and bringing over a quarter century of insurance and litigation experience, Cass utilizes three key hallmarks to help bring about a satisfactory resolution:


1. Listening – Cass/LEO Mediations will guide the dispute resolution process by encouraging the active listening of all parties and understanding their respective positions on the issues in play.

2. Engaging – He will facilitate the engaging of all parties to openly, frankly, and confidently get the difficult issues on the table and in clear focus.

3. Optimizing – Finally, by working with the parties on optimizing the collective information with their individual desires, finances, and risk, with the advice of the parties’ counsel, Cass will foster and facilitate clear communication allowing for the most effective and informed decision-making towards getting your matter satisfactorily resolved.

Cass has the experience, perspective, and knowledge to be able to challenge every business or claims professional, and plaintiff, in a manner that will allow for the proper evaluation of the risks and benefits associated with litigation and trial.  He will not simply look to run numbers back and forth, but search and find common ground to bring about the best resolution for the parties involved.

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